Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Location and Time

University of Wyoming, Ross Hall 247, Fridays from 4:10-5:00 (unless otherwise stated).

Seminar Chairs

Professors Craig C. Douglas and Rongsong Liu.


The CAM seminar series is currently supported through volunteers and the financial contributions by the UW Mathematics Department,, and and an energy grant from ExxonMobil.


For Spring 2019, the speakers are as follows:

Date Speaker From/Note
September 6 S. Omebody University of Wyoming

* Thursday Colloquium in AG 1030, ** Joint CAM - Analysis seminar, *** Joint CAM - ACNT seminar

We are constantly looking for speakers for the current academic year! The topics can be original research, a survey of an area, or an interesting paper or papers that would interest the CAM community. If you would like to speak, please contact me by email.

The schedule, titles, and abstracts from Spring 2019 are here.

Titles and Abstracts

September 6

S. Omebody, Department of Mathematics and Statistcs, University of Wyoming


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