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Presmoother on second coarsest level


The smoother on the second coarsest level (with 5 5 grid points) starts to work given the initial guess identical 0 and homogeneous (=0) Dirichlet boundary values.

However, the right hand side for this problem has been obtained by restricting the fine grid residuals, which are of course nonzero.

In our model algorithm two sweeps of the Gauß-Seidel method are applied. They sweep over the grid twice from left to right and front to back. The result is

This solution now starts to take a global shape. However, it is still combined with a further coarse grid correction (and one postsmoothing sweep) to become a correction for the fine grid problem. To workbench home page.

Ulrich Ruede , Thu Feb 2 21:04:34 MEZ 1995
Updated by Craig C. Douglas