MG Applications and Software

MGNet's code repository
Boxmg, AMG, MG00, Kaskade, Madpack, Mgd9v, Pltmg, MGLAB, etc...

User's Guide for the "MultiGrid Galerkin Hierarchical Adaptive Triangles" program.

The MATLAB Product Tour
Online exploration from MatWorks, Inc.

The Multigrid Workbench
A guided tour through multigrid algorithms.

A C++ Multigrid generator toolkit and associated library ("MGLIB", in preparation). Talk on "OO, Literate Design of Multigrid Algorithms".

A multigrid method for the resolution of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz equations.

See also
Netlib FTP server, Lattice Field Theory the grid computing page.

Marcus Speh, 22-12-94
Ulrich Ruede, 10-04-95