Adaptive Parallel Multigrid for Euler and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Ulrich Trottenberg

(Joint work with: K. Oosterlee, H. Ritzdorf, A, SchACller, H.
Schwichtenberg, B. Steckel, K. StACben, G. Umlauf, J. Wu)

The combination of 

                -       very efficient solution methods (Multigrid)

                -       adaptivity

                -       parallelism (distributed memory)

clearly is absolutely necessary for future oriented numerics but still
regarded as extremely difficult or even unsolved.

We show that very nice results can be obtained for real life problems. Our
approach is straightforward (based on "MLAT"). But, of course, reasonable
refinement and load-balancing strategies have to be used. Our examples are
2D, but 3D is on the way.