An Iterative Method to Invert the LTSn Matrix

Augusto V. Cardona - PhD Student

Marco T. de Vilhena
Nuclear Engineering Department - UFRGS
Porto Alegre - Brazil


   Recentely Vilhena and Barichello proposed the LTSn method to solve,
analytically, the Discrete Ordinates Problem (Sn problem) in transport 
theory. The main feature of this method consist in the application of 
the Laplace transformto the set of Sn equations and solve the resulting
algebraic system for the transport flux. Barichello solve the linear
system containing the parameter s applying the definition of matrix
invertion exploiting the structure of the LTSn matrix.
   In this work, it is proposed a new scheme to invert the LTSn matrix,
decomposing it in blocks and recursively inverting this blocks.