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    This is copyrighted C code, written by Irene Moulitsas . ParMGridGen-1.0 is a highly optimized serial and parallel library for obtaining a sequence of successive coarse grids that are well suited for geometric multigrid methods. The quality of the elements of the coarse grids is optimized using a multilevel framework. The parallel library is based on MPI and is portable to a wide range of architectures.

    There are five files associated with this package.

File Bytes Date
README 3177 Dec 09 2001
ParMGridGen-1.0.tar.gz 2623528 Dec 09 2001 3728848 Dec 09 2001
manual-parmgridgen.pdf 122757 Dec 09 2001 55596 Dec 09 2001

General instructions on how to unpack the files in the ParMGridGen-1.0.tar.gz file are in this hyperlink.


Craig C. Douglas

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