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1996 Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

General Information

    The conference was held in Copper Mountain, Colorado (USA) from Tuesday, April 9 to Saturday, April 13, 1996. This was the fourth in an every other year conference series on iterative methods and related topics at this location.  The fifth conference will be in March 30 to April 3, 1998. Contact for more information about future conferences.

    The conference focus this time is iterative methods for linear and nonlinear systems of equations. This includes theory, algorithm development, large scale applications, and parallel implementation.

    The schedule, attendees, and views of the town are available.

Organizing Institutions

  • The University of Colorado
  • Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.


  • Department of Energy
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Cray Research, Inc.


  • J. M. Banoczi and C. T. Kelley
    A Multilevel Method for Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. Basermann, B. Reichel, and Schelthoff
    Parallel Preconditioning Techniques for Sparse CG Solvers
  • M. Benzi and M. Tuma
    Approximate Inverse Preconditioning of Iterative Methods for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
        Abstract    Paper
  • S. W. Bova and G. F. Carey
    Iterative Solution of the Semiconductor Device Equations
  • H.-J. Bungartz
    A unidirectional approach for d-dimensional finite element methods of higher order on sparse grids
        Abstract    Paper
  • Z. Cai, T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick, and S. V. Parter
    First Order System Least Squares for the Pure Traction Problem in Planar Linear Elasticity
        Abstract    Paper
  • H. Choi and D. B. Szyld
    Threshold Partitioning of Sparse Matrices and Applications to Markov Chains
        Abstract    Paper
  • M. Clemens and T. Weiland
    Iterative Methods for the Solution of Very Large Complex Symmetric Linear Systems of Equations in Electrodynamics
  • X. Feng
    A Mixed Finite Element Domain Decomposition Method for Nearly Elastic Wave Equations in the Frequency Domain
        Abstract    Paper
  • P. A. Gray
    Iteration Schemes for Parallelizing Models of Superconductivity
        Abstract    Paper
  • G. Horton
    On the Multi-Level Solution Algorithm for Markov Chains
        Abstract    Paper
  • C. T. Kelley, C. T. Miller, and M. D. Tocci
    Method of Lines Solution of Richards' Equation
        Abstract    Paper
  • P. Kolm, P. Arbenz, and W. Gander
    Generalized Subspace Correction Methods
        Abstract    Paper
  • C.-Y. G. Lai
    Multilevel Solvers of First-Order System Least-Squares for Stokes Equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. A. Lorber, G. F. Carey, S. W. Bova, C. H. Harle
    Accelerated Solution of Non-Linear Navier-Stokes Problems using Chebyshev Iteration Polynomial Based Runge-Kutta Recursions
        Abstract    Paper
  • V. Menkov
    Solving Block Linear Systems with Low-Rank Off-Diagonal Blocks Is Easily Parallelizable
        Abstract    Paper
  • C. W. Oosterlee and T. Washio
    An Evaluation of Parallel Multigrid as Solver and Preconditioner for Singular Perturbation Problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Y. Shapira
    Parallelizable Approximate Solvers for Recursions Arising in Preconditioning
        Abstract    Paper
  • M. Sosonkina, R. A. Kapania, H. F. Walker, and L. T. Watson
    A New Adaptive GMRES Algorithm for Achieving High Accuracy
        Abstract    Paper
  • S. V. Veronese and H. G. Othmer
    Scalable Implicit Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Two and Three Space Dimensions
  • K. Wu, Y. Saad, A. Strathopoulos
    Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
  • D. Xie
    New Parallel SOR Method by Domain Partitioning
        Abstract    Paper
  • J. Zhang
    Multigrid Solution of the Convection-Diffusion Equation with High-Reynolds Number
        Abstract    Paper

Conference Chairs

  • Tom Manteuffel, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Steve McCormick, University of Colorado at Boulder

Program Committe

  • Loyce Adams, University of Washington
  • Steve Ashby, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
  • Howard Elman, University of Maryland
  • Roland Freund, AT&T Bell Laboratories
  • Anne Greenbaum, New York Univeristy
  • Seymour Parter, University of Wisconsin
  • Paul Saylor, University of Illinois
  • Nick Trefethen, Cornell University
  • Henk van der Vorst, University of Utrecht
  • Homer Walker, Utah State University
  • Olof Widlund, Courant Institute


Craig C. Douglas

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