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1995 Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods

General Information

    The conference was held in Copper Mountain, Colorado (USA) from Sunday, April 2 to Friday, April 7, 1995. This was the seventh in an every other year conference series on multigrid and related topics at this location. The eighth conference will be in April 6-11, 1997. Contact for more information about future conferences.

    The schedule, attendees, and views of the town are available.

Organizing Institutions

  • The University of Colorado
  • Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.
  • The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


  • Department of Energy
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration


  • Loyce Adams
    A multigrid algorithm for immersed interface problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Eyal Arian and Shlomo Ta'asan
    Smoothers for optimization problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • S. F. Ashby and R. D. Falgout
    Multigrid as a preconditioner for conjugate gradients in the numerical simulation of groundwater flow on the Cray T3D massively parallel computer
  • J. R. Bates, Yong Li, A. Brandt, S. McCormick, and J. Ruge
    A numerical global shallow water model based on the semi-Lagrangian advection of potential vorticity
  • Dana M. Bedivan
    A finite element method for inhomogeneous problems using a multigrid algorithm for eliminating the boundary condition
        Abstract    Paper
  • M. Berndt and K. Witsch
    Multigrid With Overlapping Patches
        Abstract    Paper
  • P. Bochev, Z. Cai, T. A. Manteuffel, and S. F. McCormick
    First-order system least squares for the Navier-Stokes equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • James Bordner and Faisal Saied
    MGLab: An Interactive Environment for Multigrid Methods
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. Borzì, K.W. Morton, E. Süli and M. Vanmaele
    A full multi-grid method for the solution of the cell vertex finite volume Cauchy--Riemann equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • J. H. Bramble, J. E. Pasciak, and A. T. Vassilev
    Analysis of the inexact Uzawa algorithm for saddle point problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. Brandt and J. Dym
    Effective boundary treatment for the Biharmonic Dirichlet problem
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. Brandt and L. Zaslavsky
    Multilevel algorithm for atmospheric data assimilation
        Abstract    Paper
  • S. Brenner
    Convergence of nonconforming or nonnested multigrid methods without full elliptic regularity
  • Jan Broeze, Bernard Geurts, Hans Kuerten, Mand artin Streng
    Multigrid acceleration of time-accurate DNS of compressible turbulent flows
        Abstract    Paper
  • Xiao-Chuan Cai
    Remarks on the practical use of overlapping Schwarz algorithms
  • Xiao-Chuan Cai, Charbel Farhat, and Marcus Sarkis
    Domain decomposition algorithms for compressible Euler's and Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured meshes
  • Z. Cai, T. A. Manteuffel, and S. F. McCormick
    First-order system least squares for the Stokes equations, with application to linear elasticity
        Abstract    Paper
  • Z. Cai, T. A. Manteuffel, and S. F. McCormick
    First-order system least squares for velocity-vorticity-pressure form of the Stokes equations, with application to linear elasticity
        Abstract    Paper
  • David Canright and Van Emden Henson
    An FVE-FAC approach to determining thermocapillary effects on weld pool shape
        Abstract    Paper
  • Mario Casarin
    Quasi-optimal Schwarz methods for the conforming spectral element discretization
        Abstrat    Paper
  • Zhangxin Chen and Richard E. Ewing
    Recent development of multigrid algorithms for mixed and nonconforming methods for second order elliptic problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • G. Conner, C. Grant, and S. McKay
    The use of self adaptive techniques in determining blow-up parameters in solutions
  • A. W. Craig and A. J. Perella
    Multigrid methods for finite element convection-diffusion problems
  • M. B. Davis and G. F. Carey
    Parallel element-by-element spectral multilevel techniques for finite elements
        Abstract    Paper
  • J. E. Dendy, Jr.
    Revenge of the semicoarsening frequency decomposition multigrid method
        Abstract    Paper
  • Qingping Deng
    An optimal order nonnested mixed multigrid method for generalized Stokes problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Craig C. Douglas, Jim Douglas, Jr., and David E. Fyfe
    A unified multigrid theory for non-nested grids and/or quadrature
        Abstract    Paper
  • Eugene G. D'yakonov
    Effective numerical methods for solving elliptic problems in strengthened Sobolev spaces
        Abstract    Paper
  • Peter Eliasson and Björn Engquist
    The effects of dissipation and coarse grid resolution for multigrid in flow problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Howard C. Elman
    Multigrid and Krylov subspace methods for the discrete Stokes equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • Charbal Farhat and Daniel Rixen
    A new coarsening operator for the optimal preconditioning of the dual and primal domain decomposition methods: application to problems with severe coefficient jumps
        Abstract    Paper
  • Paul O. Frederickson
    High performance parallel multigrid algorithms for unstructured grids
  • Scott R. Fulton
    Experiments with a self-adaptive multigrid hurricane track model
  • Thor Gjesdal
    A cell-centred multigrid algorithm for all grid sizes
        Abstract    Paper
  • W. L. Golik
    Numerical study of multigrid methods with various smoothers for the elliptic grid generation equations
    Abstract    Paper
  • Herve Guillard
    Some aspects of multigrid methods on non-structured meshes
        Abstract    Paper
  • Louis H. Howell
    A multilevel elliptic solver with applications to incompressible flow and astrophysics
  • Chia-Ying Huang, Faisal Saied, and Ed Seidel
    Finite element multigrid solution of the initial value problem in numerical relativity
  • Jim E. Jones
    A mixed finite volume element method for flow calculations in porous media
        Abstract    Paper
  • M. Jung and U. Rüde
    Implicit extrapolation methods for variable coefficient problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • R. Jyotsna and S. P. Vanka
    A pressure based multigrid procedure for the Navier-Stokes on unstructured grids
        Abstract    Paper    Figures
  • Andrew Knyazev
    Preconditioned iterative methods in a subspace for nonsymmetric systems with large jumps in the coefficients
  • Hwar-Ching Ku and Aleksander S. Popel
    The multigrid-mask numerical method for solution of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • Chen-Y ao G. Lai
    Implementation of hybrid V-cycle algebraic multilevel methods for mixed finite element systems with penalty
        Abstract    Paper
  • Chang-Ock Lee
    Multigrid methods for the pure traction problem of linear elasticity: mixed formulation
        Abstract    Paper
  • Chaoqun Liu and Zhining Liu
    Multiple scale simulation for transitional and turbulent flow
        Abstract    Paper
  • Serguei Maliassov
    Multilevel substructuring preconditioning of nonconforming finite element approximations of second order elliptic problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Jan Mandel and Radek Tezaur
    Convergence of a substructuring method with Lagrange multipliers
        Abstract    Paper
  • T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick, and G. Starke
    First order system least-squares for second-order elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficients
        Abstract    Paper
  • Thomas A. Manteuffel and Klaus J. Ressel
    Least-squares finite-element solution of the neutron transport equation in diffusive regimes
        Abstract    Paper
  • R. T. McLay and G. F. Carey
    Multi-level preconditioners for the parallel PCG package
  • A. J. Meir
    On DGS relaxation: the Stokes problem
        Abstract    Paper
  • N. Duane Melson and Mark D. Sanetrik
    Multigrid acceleration of time-accurate Navier-Stokes calculations
        Abstract    Paper
  • Ilya D. Mishev
    Least-squares algebraic multilevel methods for nonsymmetric problems
  • William F. Mitchell
    An interleaved adaptive refinement multigrid algorithm
  • H. Molenaar
    Multigrid methods for fully implicit black-oil reservoir simulation
        Abstract    Paper
  • E. Morano, D. Mavriplis, and V. Venkatakrishnan
    Coarsening strategies for unstructured multigrid techniques with applications to anisotropic problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • S. V. Nepomnyaschikh
    Preconditioning operators on unstructured grids
        Abstract    Paper
  • Elyas Nurgat and Martin Berzins
    Multigrid methods for EHD problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Suely Oliveira
    Multigrid and Krylov subspace methods for transport equations: absorption case
        Abstract    Paper
  • Mary Ellen Oman
    Fast multigrid techniques in total variation-based image reconstruction
        Abstract    Paper
  • Maria Elizabeth G. Ong, Tony F. Chan, and Tarek P. Mathew
    Robustness of MILU with respect to the coefficients of the PDE
  • Christoph Pflaum
    A multi-level-algorithm for the solution of second order elliptic differential equations on sparse grids
        Abstract    Paper
  • J. R. Phillips
    Error and complexity analysis for a collocation-grid-projection plus precorrected-FFT algorithm for solving potential integral equations with Laplace or Helmholtz kernels
        Abstract    Paper
  • Torgeir Rusten, Panayot S. Vassilevski, and Ragnar Winther
    Interior penalty preconditioners for mixed finite element approximations of elliptic problems
  • Yair Shapira
    Two-level analysis of automatic multigrid for non-normal and indefinite problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Yair Shapira
    Multigrid techniques for highly indefinite equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • David Sidilkover
    A genuinely multidimensional upwind scheme and efficient multigrid solver for the compressible Euler equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • A. Stathopoulos, Y. Saad, and C. F. Fischer
    A Schur complement method for eigenvalue problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Marietta J. Tretter
    Locating centers for radial basis function neural netwroks using multigrid methods
  • Petr Vanek, Jan Mandel, and Marian Brezina
    Algebraic multigrid by smoothed aggregation for second and fourth order elliptic problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • C. Vuik, P. Wesseling, and S. Zeng
    Krylov subspace and multigrid methods applied to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
        Abstract    Paper
  • Hong Wang
    An ELLAM-based domain decomposition and local refinement algorithm for second-order hyperbolic equations with interfaces
        Abstract    Paper
  • Junping Wang and Ning-Ning Yan
    A parallel domain decomposition method for the finite element approximation of convection-diffusion problems
  • R. Webster
    An algebraic multigrid solver for the Navier-Stokes problems in the discrete second-order approximation
        Abstract    Paper
  • Shengyou Xiao and David Young
    Multiple coarse grid multigrid methods for solving elliptic problems
        Abstract    Paper
  • Dexuan Xie
    New nonlinear multigrid analysis
        Abstract    Paper
  • Jinchao Xu
    The auxiliary space method and optimal multigrid preconditioning techniques for unstructured grids
        Abstract    Paper
  • Irad Yavneh
    Coarse-grid correction of very smooth error-components
  • Xiaoqing Zheng, Chaoqun Liu, Changming Liao, Zhining Liu, and S. F. McCormick
    Multigrid method for modeling multi-dimensional combustion with detailed chemistry
        Abstract    Paper

Conference Chairmen

  • Tom Manteuffel, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Steve McCormick, University of Colorado at Boulder

Program Committee

  • Joel Dendy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Van Henson, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Jan Mandel, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Duane Melson, NASA Langley
  • Seymour Parter, University of Wisconsin
  • Joseph Pasciak, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • John Ruge, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Klaus Stüben, Gesellschaft f. Math. u. Datenverarbeitung
  • Pieter Wesseling, Delft University
  • Olof Widlund, Courant Institute

Workshop Chairman

  • Paul Frederickson, Math Cube Associates, Inc.

Circus Chairman

  • Craig Douglas, IBM T. J. Watson Center/Yale University/CERFACS

Craig C. Douglas

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